“We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt

As Parents we do our best to protect our kids and it isn't always easy...

Luckily it isn’t always hard either. Sometimes a simple product comes along that can help us teach them a habit that will prepare them to better protect themselves – even in only one small way.

Kid washing hands

Introducing Poppy Pig

This cute little smart automated soap dispenser has a built-in handwash timer that helps teach your kids to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds.

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More Reasons to get your own Poppy Pig

  • FUN FOR KIDS. Poppy Pig will teach your kids for how long they need to wash their hands to make sure all germs are killed. They can count the 20-seconds with Poppy’s flashing light or until they hear the beep. Poppy has 3 different settings that can be easily adjusted depending on the volume of foam (a little or a lot) needed for small or large hands. There is also a switch to put her to sleep, so you can move her without squirting foam everywhere.
  • EASY TO REFILL & SIMPLE TO USE + FREE FUNNEL. The 11oz (330ml) refillable tank can be filled with almost all liquid hand or dish soaps. Dilute 1 part soap with 6 parts water. You can easily see when it’s time to refill with Poppy’s transparent blue tummy. The powerful 4-gear pump will provide as much foam as you need with the 3x volume setting option. We supplied a FREE funnel for easy refill.
  • ADD TO CART WITH CONFIDENCE. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you don’t love this cute helper gadget for kids (or adults), simply follow the instructions in the packaging to return or replace.

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